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Get ready to dig in at Diggerland USA, where kids and families can participate in a theme park experience truly unlike any other. As the only construction-themed park in the entire country, dozens of heavy machines, including full-size backhoes, diggers, dump trucks, and more are at your disposal. If any of your children have ever asked you how construction vehicles work, they can get a hands-on lesson at Diggerland USA. Kids and adults alike can operate the equipment in a safe manner, and learn about the makeup and operations of the machines. And with most of the attractions requiring a child to be only 3-feet tall with an accompanying adult, the rides are open to most children who are of an age to be interested in the equipment.

In addition to the machine rides, Diggerland USA has activities for other interests your family might have. Daily stunt shows with the heavy equipment, a rock wall, video arcade, off-road rides and one of the world’s tallest rope courses are also featured at the park.

Soon to be entering its third year of operation, Diggerland USA is family owned and operated by two brothers, Ilya and Yan Girlya, who are familiar with the construction industry. The family owns and operates SAMBE Construction, a company founded by their father. The brothers also make sure Diggerland USA hosts special needs days during the year, an all-inclusive event at the park for anyone facing the challenges of special needs.

Located just a few miles outside of Philadelphia in western New Jersey, Diggerland USA is a one-of-a-kind theme park that’s just about two hours away from Monmouth County by car. For an educational and fun experience for the whole family, consider taking a trip to Diggerland USA.

Featured Attractions
Most rides have a 36’’ minimum, but some require a child to be 42’’ or have an accompanying parent or guardian. Several attractions also have a maximum height that varies, depending the ride. Be sure to check with park employees or the park’s website to verify that your child meets the height requirements.

Agro Off Road
Kids can get behind the wheel and ride the all terrain ARGOs in this closed, off-road course. The vehicles bear a close resemblance to the moon rover, and can operate on land or in water. Up to eight ARGOs are allowed on the course at the same time.

Backhoe Adventure
Up to three guests and a Diggerland employee can fit inside the cab of a modified backhoe. You can each take turns operating the machine as it travels around the closed course.

Barrel Train
Kids and parents can hop on one of the six barrels pulled by a dump truck that gives them a brief tour around the theme park.

Big Diggers
Who said don’t play in the dirt? Weighing in at more than 3.5 tons, kids can dig into the soil with these massive machines. Children are encouraged to take their time and dig as long as they want in this supervised attraction.

The park’s unique spin on a merry-go-round features seats made of buckets from construction vehicles that surround an excavator.

Diggerland Arcade
The arcade features classic arcade games like skee-ball, air hockey, and others. Perfect to come in and cool off for a little while after spending some time operating the heavy vehicles outdoors.

Mini Land Rovers
Parents, you drove to the park, so let the kids take it from here. Just as it sounds, children will have the chance to drive a miniature version of the real SUV around this closed course.

Mini Diggers
Riders will have a blast trying out the various games with these small pieces of excavating equipment. Kids can either try to scoop up floating ducks in a pond, dig for buried treasure, or use a bowling ball attached to the digging arm to knock down pins.

Kid Zone
A large playground, complete with slides, climbing bars and other activities, offers an alternative way to pass the time after driving around several of the heavy vehicles.

Operation Battle Truck
Hold on tight as you navigate across rugged terrains on a real, 10,000 pound military transport vehicle painted in yellow and black camouflage pattern.

Rope Course
This four-story-tall rope course is one of the largest you will ever see. Strap on a safety harness and climb your way to the top – if you dare.

Shake N’ Roll
The park’s newest attraction lets children experience the thrill of operating a compact double-drum roller. More commonly known as steamrollers, these miniature versions of the real thing weigh in at one ton and allow children to roll over the road in this closed course.

These types of loaders have almost 48 horsepower, but have been redesigned to be entirely safe for children to operate. Children who can’t quite reach the controls can sit on their parent’s lap to drive the machine through the course.

Sky Shuttle
Climb aboard this 13-ton Telehandler, similar to a miniature crane, and get ready to be raised 50 feet into the air. It’s a great way to get a view of the park and pick out your next ride.

Spin Dizzy
Climb into this excavator’s bucket and be prepared to be spun around and around up in the air on this raised version of a teacup ride.

FREE for non-participating guests 65 years and older.

Specific, Single Day Tickets:
Under 42’’ Tall: $24.95 online, $28.95 for walk up
Over 42’’Tall: $29.95 online, $36.95 for walk up

Any Day Tickets: $36.95

Annual Membership Tickets:
365 day admission, 10% off food and drinks. / $100
Special Abilities Night, June 3, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. / $17.95


Before June 11:
Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

June 11 to June 19:
Daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

After June 19:
Daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fun Facts
• Diggerland USA is the only construction themed amusement park in the country.
• The theme park has more than 25 attractions spread across 14 acres of land.
• Diggerland USA is similar to four parks with the same name in the United Kingdom, but isn’t a franchise.
• The USA and UK Diggerland parks sometimes share resources, even though they aren’t affiliated.
• Children need only be 36’’ tall to ride most of the attractions with an adult.
• Diggerland parking is always free.
• Stunt shows with the heavy equipment are performed daily, at varying times.
• Diggerland President Yan Girlya has spent more than 20 years of his career in the construction industry.
• The park is also home to one of the world’s tallest ropes courses.
• The machines at Diggerland are altered to allow small children to safely and easily operate them.

Getting There
Take the Turnpike South to exit 4. After the exit, stay on Route 73 South for approximately 8.5 miles. Then, turn left onto Cooper Road and proceed for 1 mile. Turn right onto Commerce Lane, and then turn right onto Pinedge Drive. Follow signs for parking, which is free for theme park patrons.

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10 Sep 2016

By Paul Williams