Monmouth EatBeat - Cibo e Vino

Owner | Jim and Karen DeGilio
Seating capacity | 130
Signature Dish | Nine-layer eggplant parmigiana
Hours of Operation | Sunday to Thursday: 4pm – 10pm;
Friday and Saturday: 4pm – 11pm

At Cibo e Vino in Asbury Park, Jim and Karen DeGilio invite you to partake in a European inspired, casual dining experience with smaller portions and more food options at your fingertips.

Since October of 2013, the restaurant has offered a menu unique to the chic surrounding area of Asbury Park, and to all of Monmouth County. Here, diners can create their own meal  from a combination of smaller plates designed to be shared with the table—a cost-effective way to partake in a variety of foods.

“We’d been playing with the concept of Italian tapas for some time,” Jim says. “We saw it in a couple of places in our travels to Italy and thought it was a fun concept that could easily transition to and become popular here in the United States.”

He and Karen got to work, designing the interior of the restaurant on Mattison Avenue to resemble that of a Tuscan farmhouse with a modern touch, complete with earthy tones and brighter-colored seats. And the menu is chock-full of classic Italian staples like meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, and chicken francese that friends and family can pass around and order seconds of.

“Some customers aren’t looking for the big meal anymore. Parties might enjoy getting six appetizers for dinner,” Jim says. “When parties of six to 10 people sit down here, they can share high-quality, current Italian food in a fun, casual, social way of eating.”

Nearly every item on Cibo e Vino’s menu is made from scratch, in-house, allowing the kitchen to create a delicious meal for every palate. Gluten-free options, like pizza and pasta, are available, as well as vegetarian dishes.

To complement its menu, Cibo e Vino offers a variety of Italian wines, listed and organized by the region of Italy they are from. Wine fl ights are offered every night of the week, and are half price every Tuesday evening—perfect for patrons who want to sample three wines they might not be familiar with or have a taste of some of their favorites without springing for a whole bottle. And their friendly staff is always eager to explain any questions guests may have about the menu or the wine list.

Of course, no meal is complete without a serving of homemade desserts, including tiramisu or ricotta pound cake, or a serving of their limoncello or orancello made from scratch.

This fall, the Italian staple of Sunday Gravy returns to the menu: a generous serving of meatballs, sausage and braciole in a hearty marinara sauce. Outdoor seating will still be available during the cooler and more comfortable evenings in September and October.

So whether you’re craving a delicious, hand-tossed pizza and classic pasta dish, or in the mood to sample several helpings of lighter fare, make a trip to Cibo e Vino and enjoy dining in true Italian style.

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13 Sep 2016